LGOIMA – What’s The Heat Pump Plan?

Today was the day for ‘Information Requests’. Different agencies have different processes for asking for information.

Getting information from Christchurch City Council is called a LGOIMA Request and you can lodge one using this form, and they have 20 working days to get back to you. Last year they did less then 400 requests, so it’s not really used very often.


I want to know what the plan is to get the heat pumps installed that Stephen secured funding for so I sent off this request…


Hi, I’m following up the earlier council motion to spend $16m on heating and ventilation.

  • Can you please where are the 930 units to be upgraded are. I already have the CCC Social Housing information.xlsx so perhaps if you could just add another column?
  • What size heat pump is going in each unit?
  • What ventilation for each?
  • When is the program of work going to be defined in detail?
  • When will the program start?
  • How will be engaged to action the program?
  • When will the program be completed?
  • What reporting to tenants is planed and how is access to their units to complete the work going to be managed and are there currently enough staff to manage a project of this scale?
  • What order are the units going to be completed in?
  • Has the required electrical work and ‘at height’ work been identified? (ie looking at the aged and light construction of some units, with units ranging in age to 81 years, I would assume that some units may need electrical consideration, while other units are in three story apartments and external units may need to be fixed to the outside of buildings at height, requiring significantly more engineering consideration.)

I am looking to be better informed around this project and these seem like the obvious starting points. “

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