How Much Social Housing By Ward

This graph shows you how many voters exist in each ward per social housing unit.

Stephen McPaike ended up living in his car after separating from his wife. After parking up in Ruth Dyson‘s office car park, he was helped to find a CCC social housing unit.

A problem for people like Stephen McPaike is that he many end up living a long way from his children. These sorts of distances add to child hardship. It costs money for parents to drive across town just to share custody.

This graph and the data show how many voters your ward has for each open social unit.

Don’t risk living in Anne Galloway‘s ward, Halswell, if you think you might need a social housing unit any time in your future because the are 1,334 voters for every ‘open unit’ (that’s not understanding if you could get a place!)

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This is the data that the graph above is generated from. You can see that the average number of voters per unit is only 132 however in many wards there is not a great deal of social housing to support the voter population.

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