Weekly Update #1 – Requests for Information

Every week I’m going to try to write some words about what we’ve been up to, so here goes for week one!


Stephen has been smashing out the data input of all the information we’ve discovered so far about OCHT. A couple of weeks ago I reached out and asked for more information from the trust to fill in a few of the gaps from the information that CCC had on their web site. I have to say I found the trust to be very open and they provided the information very quickly.


This week I connected with the Housing NZ team and they’ve agreed to provide information about their stock in Christchurch so we can gather a more detailed picture about what exists. They’re going to provide data by suburb (which we will process into wards) so that we can provide everyone with a more detailed picture by area.


I have also not forgotten an earlier interest in the climate data that HNZ has been collecting. At last weeks housing forum I spoke with the CDHB folk who are also looking at the same questions.

I have also lodged a formal request with CCC for more information about the delivery of the heating and ventilation program that was committed to in September.


Today I also made time to pop into Williams Corporations new Christchurch office, caught up with one of their MD’s and GM and meet their capital fund guy Chris Conner.

I dropped in because I wanted to grab some light reading.

You might be wondering what this has to do with OUR SOCIAL HOUSING when those properties start from over $350,000.00! Simple… housing is a ‘ladder’ and if people want to get out of social housing and into a private market flat that they can afford then we have to push everyone else on the ladder up a rung. We also have to get more housing built, and we do care what that housing is. Right now, these guys are busy building stuff that the market is just screaming out for, so I’m doing everything I can to know as much as I can about it.

No, I’m not selling them, no, I’m not in the market for one right now… but YES, I know people who are, I know people who have money to spend, I know people who would benefit from knowing, and so do you!

It was fantastic to get to meet with Chris this afternoon because he’s a guy who just knows all about raising capital to help Williams Corporation build more homes in Christchurch. One day I’d like to build a heap of social housing too, that needs money and it’s people like Chris who teach people how to raise capital so the more time people like Chris will give you, the better for everyone!

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