This morning I sent CCC two more information requests about social housing, the are as follows.


Further to the housing numbers published for the election, could I have an updated version?

I am specifically interested in the number of closed units.

Can you also provide a more detailed list of the 200 closed units, the reason for closure and the current intention for each.

I am wanting to update the data on our site at to keep it current and useful.

I would also like to know it it is possible to get regular change data (eg monthly) so we can keep it more current.


Following on from this weeks obvious and well publicized confusion, can you please advise the follow.

1. An updated, month by month delivery plan.

2. Advice on when the venterlation systems will be installed.

3. Who were the successful contractors

4. When is it planned that progress will be reviewed in the first ~400 units to consider retendering.

5. Is the performance/ work load of the project management team going to be reviewed/monitored to ensure adequate resources so as not to encounter road blocks?

Could I also have a copy of the public tender documents published on GETS ~11 NOV 19 (YES I’m paying more attention to GETS emails now 😉 🙂 )

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